My Photoshop wishlist

Written by Jakob Løkke Madsen

25. October 2010

Photoshop is a great tool, but it lacks some workflow features that I’d like to have.

Color variables

Imagine changing the color scheme of an entire design with flick of a switch. This would be a real time saver.

States (like hover states or ajax states)

We’ve got layer comps. Now make them interactive. Maybe something like Axure. Right now, Fireworks is just too complicated to bridge the gap between prototyping and proper graphic design.

Hide layers (like hide tracks in Logic)

In Logic, every track can be hidden if they’re not used. This drasticly reduces clutter in the arrange window. Why not make this possible with layers in Photoshop?

Version Control

In code this is indispensable. I feel like it is in graphic design as well. It’s just not available yet …

Intelligent update of smart layers from separate files

Imagine having a central repository of elements that could be shared between projects or multiple designs within a single project and maintained in a single place. This is a concept that’s essential in software engineering. Why not let graphic designers benefit from it as well?

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