DropCheck – A magic checklist using Dropbox and Knockout.js

Written by Jakob Løkke Madsen

20. September 2011

Ever created a todo list in a .txt file, then popped it into Dropbox for iPhone viewing?

I do it all the time! That’s why I created DropCheck.


DropCheck is a web app that turns lines in a .txt file into checkable lines in a nice web app interface.

It’s tailored specifically for grocery shopping, as this is a common use case for me. You have the ability to tick off each item as it goes in your shopping cart (“Yes”). Or you can mark it as sold out (“No”).

At the bottom you can move the checked items to the bottom of the list, so you have them out of sight. The web app also remembers the state of the list even though you close it. To re-connect to the Dropbox .txt-file you just click the “Reset to Dropbox file” link.


To install, unzip the DropCheck folder into your Dropbox public folder, then get the public link of the file called dropcheck.htm:

Visit the public URL in Safari on your iPhone and save it to your homescreen:

Now, when you visit the DropCheck app, you’ll see the contents of the dropcheck-list.txt file turned into a checkable list.


UPDATE for Windows users:

Kasper Hyllested pointed out to me, that there was an issue with international characters when saving the .txt-file from Notepad on Windows.

To fix this, you must force notepad to save using UTF-8 encoding of characters (instead of ANSI):

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